Before I start, I’m sure some of you wonder what’s up with all the protected posts. Well, dear reader, it’s like this… Those posts contain explicit sexual content.  I protect them so people can’t accidentally wander in and get offended. The password for an protected post can be found at the end of the previous post.  Anyone who really wants to read those posts can step back one post, and find the key.

Well, that being said, I guess I should start with a run down.  I’m a 41 year old network security executive. She is a 23 year old medical student, on her way to becoming a doctor.  I’m married with children. She has a boyfriend. I’ve been friends with her boyfriend for a few years. As two discrete couples, we are all part of a larger circle of friends.

A little more than two months ago from the time of this writing, she and I began an emotional and physical relationship.

I love my wife. She loves her boyfriend. We love each other.

Here are the Players:

Me: 41 Years, married, network security executive

Karen:  23 year old med student, my mistress

D: My wife

G: Karen’s boyfriend, my friend

Alex: My secret confidant, the woman who I confide in.  She knows my secrets, and I know her’s.