We untangled ourselves from each other, climbed under the covers, and tangled up again.  She slid under my arm, I hugged her tight, and we cuddled naked, spent, and warm.  There was a ticking clock, I allowed myself about 4 hours from the time I walked in her door, and I’d only spent between 30-40 minutes to this point.

For a while we held each other. She placed one hand on my heart, and I placed my hand over hers.  She felt my heart beat, as I listened to her sigh and purr.  I turned my head to look out her window, seeing a tree and blue sky. I know that tree well now, having been in her bed many times since then, in this exact position, holding her post coitus.

After a few moments she took my chin in her hand and turned my head to face her. “Hey, what are you thinking?” She asked.

I smiled and replied quite honestly, “Not a damn thing.”

“If there is something on your mind, I want to hear it” she implored, “Please, share with me.”

“I mean it. There isn’t a thing in my mind. All thought is gone.” I said, speaking only the truth. “Some where outside of this bed, I think there is this world. If I remember correctly, in that world, I have some family function to attend, and you have a class to be at in a few hours. I don’t know. Nothing outside of this bed… Matters.”

“Really?” She asked. I looked down at her big doe eyes.

“Really.” I said with a smile.

She shifted, and lifted her head above mine, and rested her breasts on my chest. She seemed to be examining my features. She traced my nose and lips with her fingers. She straighted my hair, and scanned my face up and down with her eyes.  I didn’t interrupt her, I submitted to her scrutiny, for I was examining her too.

Finally she spoke. “Why me?”

“What do you mean, ‘why you’?” I asked.

“I mean, why me?” She repeated. She paused a moment, thinking. “Why me, of all the women around? Why not some one prettier?”

I was stunned a moment, I’m sure my face  squinted up with confusion. “Um… Have you SEEN you? I figure you must have walked past a mirror in the last few days, really. You are gorgeous!”

She blushed a deep red, and buried her face in my chest. “Stop!” She said, all muffled. She looked up again. “You could have any woman you wanted. Why me?”

I cleared my throat, only to give me a moment to really compose my thoughts. Obviously me responding with something like ‘you are an incredibly intelligent super model with huge boobs, whose also a genius with a giant rack and talks to me like a best friend with enormous tits’ wasn’t going to cut it.  And this nonsense about me being able to ‘have an woman I wanted’ wasn’t something I was ready to accept either.

I took my time, and went back in my mind…

“My first impression of you was that you were incredibly charming and well spoken.  That is an opinion held by just about everyone I know that has met you.  As time went on, and we started speaking more and more, and I got to know you… well, I’ve always enjoyed our chats.  Good conversation is hard to come by, in my experience.” I thought a moment, then continued, “That really is the core of it. Being physically attracted to someone is easy.  I can find myself attracted to a stranger on the street for a fleeting moment, but that is a matter of aesthetics and preference.  With you, well, yes, I love your body, you are beautiful, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I hadn’t been able to connect with you on an emotional or intellectual level.”

She blushed deeply, then quickly kissed me…



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