Over the course of months we came closer, and closer to the line. We set foot over a little… Then ran right over it.  We came to an understanding that we would continue seeing each other.

After our last encounter we each went home, cooled off for a bit, and had a moment of “is this real? Did that just happened?”. Yes it was, and yes it did.  She was a mistress now, of a married man, and cheating on her own significant other.  I’m not a stranger to this, she is, so I would layout modes of behavior.  The one thing I was a stranger to was sleeping with a friend’s girlfriend.  That was quite new.

On Thursday of that week we had our first little test.  I arranged a party, and it would be the first time we were in the presence of our others since we crossed the line. It was a big party, so everyone’s attention was divided. Our first concern was appearing normal. Quick hug hello, light banter, separate, quick hug goodbye. She did make the request that I ‘check her out’ occasionally, which I said was silly on the grounds that I was going to anyways.

The party was large, but not raucous.  It went on for a few hours. A few of my oldest friends were there, one of whom took enough of an interest in her as to comment to me about her later on. A glowing and impressed review, which meant a lot.

Our hugs, exactly 2 mind you, were quick but strange. She remarked on it too.  Like they were now too little… Too light.  But the evening went off without a hitch. It would be some time before we knew when we would see each other alone again.

On the following Tuesday, I had a family function to attend, so time was tight. However I was able to arrange a false emergency at work, giving myself several hours to play with.  I gave myself the time to go off course, and visit her apartment for the first time.

I was nervous the morning of. Timing was critical.  I did have someplace to be, but just a few hours to go off the grid.  Our encounters are still like this, for the most part. We meet in her apartment, or one of our cars, or my office, and occasionally, later on, a hotel room. All of this requires a lot of planning.  Our relationship so far hasn’t allowed for too much spontaneity.

The morning before I saw her, I was dead set on wanting to talk. I was worried, nervous. I wanted to clear the air, and make doubly sure that we had an understanding.  She was accepting. “Just come over. We’ll talk” she said. I made that drive, radio on lightly so I could hear the GPS instructions. I was dressed in my Sunday best suit and tie.

I pulled up to her apartment, and took a moment to breathe. I don’t know why I was so nervous, as we’d already had sex, but I was. I got out of the car, straightened myself out, and sent her a one word text: “Here.”

I walked from the parking lot to her apartment building’s door, and as I was looking for a doorbell, the door opened.

She was wearing, as they say, the ‘little black dress’.

She led me upstairs to her apartment, and walked me inside.  She took my coat, hung it neatly in her closet.  Her apartment is well ordered and kept, befitting her mind, and as a student apartment goes it is quite large. Karen has a job on top of her studies, but I surmise that she also comes from money.  She gave me the tour; kitchen, living room, office, coming to a stop at her bedroom door.

“So, we should talk?” she asked with a smile, standing in front of the bedroom door, yet motioning towards the living room.

“Yes… talk.  Yes.”  I said, looking back towards the living room.  I turned and nodded towards the bedroom. “There is as good a place to talk as any, I suppose.” She started walking backwards through the door as I started walking towards her.  We went different directions at the corner of her bed, she went left, I went right, until we were facing each other on opposing sides.  I put a hand on the bed to steady myself as I kicked off my shoes.  She placed a hand on the bed as well.

Our eyes were locked together, we talked in soft tones about how we were ‘going to talk’. She placed a knee on the bed, I mirrored her.  She climbed up on all fours, I did the same, and we met in the middle, face to face.  Talking ceased, and we just stared and smiled at each other.


Now, dear reader, again I give you a choice. The next part of the story is explicit sexual content. You don’t have to read it. You can if you want, but it is password protected.  If you really want to read it, the password is: squared64

Click here to read the next part, or you can read the safer part later on when I’ve finished writing it.


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