We raised our heads, and smiled at each other, both of us covered in sweat. “Um… Have you seen my shirt?” She asked.

“Uh, oh… One second,” I replied, looking around the room. I stood up, pulled up my pants, then reached for the switch to the bright overhead light. I spied her blouse, grabbed it, and tossed it to her.  She fiddled with it a moment, still breathing hard. “You might want this first,” I said with a smile, twirling her bra around.

She giggled.  I was staring at her, grinning from ear to ear. “Do you like what you see?” She asked, dropping her shirt, reclining naked on the couch.

“I really do,” I replied. I tossed her the bra.    “I think I need a drink of water. Would you like one?”

“Good lord, yes please!” She replied.

I quickly put my shirt back on, and left my office to get two cups of water from the water cooler.  When I returned, she had just finished pulling up her pants. I handed her the water, which she drank deeply, as I drank mine. I walked back to my desk, and sat in the big chair. I leaned back and breathed, closing my eyes a moment. I opened them to see her start buttoning up her shirt.

We made eye contact again, and smiled like fools.  After a moment I motioned a chair beside my desk. “I, uh… Suppose we should talk, huh?”

“Yeah,” she whispered.  She came and sat before me, straighting her clothes.

“I love G, you know?” She stated.

“I know. I love D. With all my heart.” I said.

“Uh… Am I the youngest of your… Affairs?” She asked.

“Yes. By far.” I replied. “Am I the, uh, oldest person you’ve ever been with?”

“Yeah. By far.” She answered. “I mean I don’t think of you as old really, but yes, 18 years is a big age difference.”

I elaborated on my affairs. I’ve been very open with her, and on this matter I’ll be more open with her than you, dear reader.

“If… Um… Well, you can clearly lie. You have done all of those things…” She broached, “Should I trust you? I mean, like, can I?”

“Good question.” I paused. “I will say I will always be open and honest with you, but that means you have to take the word of a known liar and cheat.”

She sat silently for a few moments. “I want this to go on. To continue. With you.” She said.

“This is going to be complicated. This isn’t an easy thing to do. There are a lot of things you have to keep in mind.” I explained. “This is secret. Secrets are hard. Lying is work. Is this something you think you want to do, really?”

She thought only a moment more before replying “Yes. Yes I do.” She smiled, stood, walked towards me, and bent down to put her face inches from mine. “You will have to teach me. I just want…”

I stood to meet her. We looked at each other smiling. “I want to be with you.” She finished.

“Congratulations.” I said with a big grin. “You are now my new mistress.”

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed slapping her hand over her mouth. Her eyes wide as can be, she took her hand away and said, “I really do not like that word! You’ll have to call me something else!”

We hugged each other close, and laughed.

Think you missed something? You might have, depending on how you came in.  This is Part 3 of a story.  Part 1 is here.  Part 2 is here, BUT, I warn you, part 2 contains strong sexual content, and isn’t for everyone.  If you want to, really really want to read it, you need this password: OverTheLine2.  It is entirely up to you. — The Management.


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