Its Monday now, and the previous days encounter of course is on a loop in my head.  But Karen and I need more. Much more.

I had an idea.  I had moved some personal items to my office’s storage back when we bought the house.  They’d been there a while, and could probably stand to be moved back.  So I created that excuse as to why I would be staying late in the office that night.  I told Karen I needed some help sorting some things, and loading them into my car, and asked if she might give me a hand.  She said sure.  For some reason we continued double-speak for a while.  It actually complicated things at times, never being really sure what we really meant.  Fortunately we dropped that.

She showed up around 5:30.  We have some people who habitually work late, but I had reason to suspect, given the company’s schedule, that this wouldn’t be a problem.  By the time she arrived only one person remained in the office.  I gave her the tour of the building, we found a quiet corner for a kiss.

Not knowing how long this person would be remaining in the office, we set to the task of sorting through my things, and moving boxes to the car, like I said we’d be doing.  The person stopped and said good night to us on their way out.  We set our things down and moved to a window to watch them walk to their car… get in… and drive away.  We took one quick walk around the building, verifying for a fact that we were indeed alone, before proceeding back to my office, holding hands along the way.

My office is pretty nice, I must say.  Big desk, big leather chair… couch…  As we walked in, I pointed out some of the art I keep around, and with some small slight of hand, I produce a small gift wrapped box.  I spied an item while we were out shopping on our first pseudo-date, and grabbed it for her a few days later.  It was a small thing really, something cute she’d commented on.  I handed it to her, and sat in one of the chairs, while she sat behind my desk.

She was thrilled to open it.  She looked up, smiled, and said, “And now it’s time for your present…”  She stood, and opened her blouse revealing that same bra she was wearing in The Picture that set us firmly on this course.


Now, here is where you get a choice, dear reader.  You can choose how you will finish the chapter.

Part 3 is going to skip right to the end, and finish this chapter.  Part 2 is the “Director’s Cut”, added material if you will, and contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse.  2 is password protected (password: OverTheLine2), so you have to be real sure you want to read such things.  I leave it to you.  Choose your own adventure.

Well over the line, part 2 (password: OverTheLine2)
Well over the line, part 3


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