It was gentle, that first kiss.  It went on for a long time, her lips on mine, my hand on the back of her neck while we sat in my car, during what was becoming a bad storm.  After a moment we pulled back to look at each other.  She and I both smiled wide.  We leaned in again and kissed once more, then rest our foreheads together.  Now we spoke in whispers.  She and I began to speak about the things that you, dear reader, have read up to this point.  How we noticed each other, the uncertainty that accompanied what we now knew to be a mutual attraction, all the little events and tipping point moments that led us here, to this place, for that first kiss.

We stopped speaking… and kissed again.  And again, harder and harder.  My hands grabbed at her, her’s grabbed at me.  She unbuckled her seat belt and climbed into my lap.  I held her and we kissed with increasing ferocity…. until I happened to look up to see a car driving towards us.  She climbed back into her seat, removed her coat, and put her seat belt back on. We were breathing heavy, watching that car come towards us with great anxiety and no small amount of annoyance.

There was a storm, the weather had been bad, no one should be here right now, yet here this individual came.  At least it wasn’t a cop, which in a situation like this would have been far worse.  The car drove up next to us slowly, very slowly, creeping along.  We avoided the drivers gaze and talked… about that car, and what the hell it was doing there, and will they be going away?!  The car parked behind mine, its bumper facing mine.  We looked at it in the rear view mirror, wondering what to do next.  A few moments later, the car started to move again, and slowly drove back into the park.

We looked away from the car, and back to each other.  We smiled.  She quickly took her seat belt off, and once again climbed into my lap. I cradled her in my arms, looking down at her beautiful face.  She is truly a beauty to behold.  We kissed once more, long and slow… then more, then faster, then harder, then my hands-

What the fuck…  That car…  I looked up quickly and saw it coming back towards us, slowly, creeping along in the storm. I drew her attention to this.  We were both exasperated.  I have this point between annoyed and angry where, I’m told, I become funny.  She withdrew from lap to the passenger seat, and I started a rant that had her in stitches.  I started the car while she laughed, and we drove back to my office.

I’d hoped that perhaps the cleaning crew was done.  I left her in the car to go look inside.  No sign of the crew, but their equipment was left out in the hallways, so they must be coming back, I figured.  I returned to the car, and told her we had to move on.  She began to kiss me again.  I was getting very excited, so was she.  I started driving again.  Another park?  Closed.  Oh! Cemetery! Cemeteries are good for things like this! … Chained off… Okay, big empty parking lot for a closed business.  It would have to do.

Belts off.  Coats off.  Back in my lap. Start slow, tender… more, harder, faster.  I moved my hands between her legs.  I could feel heat radiating from her sex.  I was erect, straining my jeans and pressing into her.  There was an energy that was building between us, and had been for some time, but now we were approaching critical mass.  Then… headlights. Of course.  People were pulling into the parking lot.

Like teenagers we steamed the windows.  She receded into her seat, we both let out gasping breaths.  It was time for me to go, and she needed to return to her studies.  It was finals week in her doctoral program, so this was a big allowance of her time.  I returned us to the original parking lot where we had left her car.  It took a while for us to mentally prepare to separate.  We wanted so much more, but the circumstances wouldn’t allow for it right at that moment.  She gave me one more kiss… which of course would lead to another and another.  It took a herculean act of will to separate at that point, but finally she was in her car and driving away.   I returned to my office for one thing, to discover the cleaning equipment left in the exact same place, untouched….

We chatted later on in the day, into the night.  We had developed an urgency, an immediate need, to be alone together for an extended period of time.  I had an idea however, one which we could work on when I got to my office the following morning.

Post Script:

When I returned to the office in the morning, the cleaning equipment was still exactly where it was the previous day, untouched.  Cleaning crew comes on Saturdays… but they didn’t pick up after themselves when they were finished.  I had their hours reviewed by accounting, and suggested another cleaning company… because, that was just not cool.


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